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Saturday, January 25, 2003


From San Diego,
(full size)
to Mendocino,
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where one finds all kinds of interesting flora,
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and fauna (my dad and friends).
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Friday, January 24, 2003

Airport Lounge

How do you kill time in airports? I find a plug and determine if there's WiFi (the one bad thing about the Orange County airport is there's none, not even at Starbucks, dagnabbit). If not, I get the phone and computer talking via Bluetooth and the computer online via WAP, then check email via Citrix and jump on the Web to read Howard's interview with Judge Jerry Smith. (Remember the blog-enabled exchange featured in Wired not long ago? The same.) Howard and Judge Smith do not disappoint: the interview highlights the realitites of judicial compensation and appointments, what to do for fun in and around Houston, tips for oral argument and so much more (great ending too, but you'll get no spoilers from me). I make sure it's cached so I can keep reading on the plane, then get ready to board.

Coffee, Tea Or PDF?

Putting the "P" in the Portable Document Format, Ernie's new PDF for Lawyers will help legal professionals shed the old ball and file cabinet. Practical information and advice -- plus an outline!

Smart Courts

Rory Perry is grappling with efiling issues and continuing to help build the new Blackstone (Outlining the law).


Check out the almost 4,500 "Nodders" for sale at eBay, including Jesus, Jagger, Jackie and Jimmy.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


The California Court of Appeal (Second District, Division Seven) yesterday found that the state's anti-SLAPP statute (more here) protected the Los Angeles County Bar Association from suit by an unsuccessful judicial candidate who had received a "not qualified" rating in the Bar Association's candidate evaluation process (described in greater detail here). This reversed the lower court's ruling to the contrary. Roberts v. Los Angeles County Bar Ass'n (PDF)

Adding It Up

My archives take a (thankfully quick) powder...Mitnick's back...Coincidence?? (in my dreams)

Say It With Cotton

Am sporting the fine ProSua copyright clause t-shirt today, and when I went over there to link you to it (drumroll, please) I learned Kevin had emblazoned the constitution on The Classic Thong! People: just 21 days to scoop these up for your Valentines! (No, not me thanks, I already couldn't resist.)

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Fat Chance

No, you can't sue McDonald's for your weight issues, or so says (PDF) the Southern District of New York. In case you were wondering. [via FindLaw]


Clock these two, they're moving fast, and they're brewing projects that promise to inject a little nitrous into the proceedings. Lawpop?? Dude. Get over and register with Kevin.

Blawg Update Update

I seem to always learn about a few more blawgs just after an update. In real life, these must be the enviable folks who stroll across L.A. Marathon finish line just in time to collect a celebratory gimlet and slip between cool Viceroy sheets. Or so one imagines. The Berlin Blog is the product of a friend and law partner of Bill Altrueter. Law student Greg at Law Is Fun put up his first posts yesterday: "Hello. Welcome to my fun, exciting life. I have no idea what I'm doing, nor where to start, so this should be thoroughly entertaining. At least for some of you out there....." [via The Blawg Ring] Professor Eric Muller at North Carolina beat Greg by a day, launching Is That Legal on January 20. [via Tom Mighell]

Wonderful Town

Still stuck on Chicago...Starting February 6, the ABA will begin hearings about the current status of women in the legal profession, in anticipation of a report to be released next year. More at this press release. See also The Support Economy.

Pings For The Masses

Thanks Jonas, this is too cool: Get yer Pings, On Route 66. [Update] I'd ping ya, really I would, but just discovered my archives and permalinks have taken what I hope will be a very brief hiatus. Republished all over the place, no dice. Any other suggestions most welcome.

Imaginative Pastoral

Kent's Why license when you can incense? I'd give more context, but it's hard to write with tears threatening a keyboard short, and high decibel peals threatening a midnight visit from the local constabulary. Just be sure to click every damn link. (Example: "Watch Animated Shorts About Our Mission.") ***Hallelujah, Kent's blogging again.*** Brings whole new meaning to "thanks for all the fish." [Fishbase via Tom "Testosterone" Shugart. Fishrush via mysterious forces that modern science struggles to adequately identify and explain.]

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Chicago, x2

The movie Chicago not only offers superb dance, music and acting, but the story deliciously assaults courtroom acrobatics and media manipulation. DO check it out. Not speaking of which, Chicago blawger extraordinaire Rick Klau spoke today at the Marketing Partner Forum (on the subject of knowledge managment in law firms), and impressed and entertained me no end last night at the Salt Creek Grille. (Sorry, no pics! Forgot my camera. Maybe this is a sign I need to grab one of those add ons for my phone.) He tells me Maggie Watkins, former national president of the Legal Marketing Association, has been a conference highlight. [Update] A confusion of Maggies, apparently? If so, my apologies!

Slippery When Sloping

The Reverse Cowgirl seeks to justify the enormity of her porn collection, while I just strive to justify the scope of my ever-expanding blawg list. It can alternately resemble a jar of Sea Monkeys ("real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!" -- they are, after all, "'The' perfect office pet"), or the biological antecedent to the gray goo problem, but when I see people like Jack Balkin sprout a weblog it renews my faith that adding water is a good thing. Here are a few new additions to the b&b blawgroll; use nonskid shoes and surfaces when available. Legal Outreach has the noble and ambitious goal of building transparent legal structures worldwide. [via Ernie] Attorneys Suck is by a young (yes, 26 is young) Manhattan attorney with too much time on his hands (hey, send some West!). [via Howard] Environmental law issues are blogged at How Green Is My Country? [via Howard] Cruelty To Analog is a new EFF blog written (so far) by another West Coast blogger who no doubt could use a time infusion, Seth Schoen. [via Donna] Kim is something of a rarity: a paralegal blogger. Always good to spot one of these in the wild. [via Ernie] Say Hi to blawg pioneer Bill Slawski's other blog, Bragadocchio, too. netLs is a group blog associated with the Network-Lawyers email discussion group. [via Genie] Siva Vaidhyanathan is a professor and author of books I haven't read but should. [via Donna] The SCLLA Blawg blogs legal tech info from the Stark County (Ohio) Law Library Association. [via The Blawg Ring] Law student blogs heavy on the Fletch references seem destined for greatness, and Sugar, Mr. Poon? is no exception. [via The Blawg Ring] Where else but at Decnavda's Dialectic could you find both a Tax Court opinion blog and the ravings of an incoherent madman? [via The Blawg Ring] Raymond Chandler is a (Missouri?) law student. Despite beliefs you might hold to the contrary. [via The Blawg Ring] Lawyer and philosophy PhD David Koepsell has a healthy attitude toward readership: "I’m not writing this for you, so if you can’t stand the tone, change the channel." (Remember Steve Martin? "I don't need you. I can do this act alone. I often do.") [via The Blawg Ring] The Consejo intellectual property blog chronicles legal developments affecting scientific research and agriculture. Cool! [via The Blawg Ring] The Advocate's Devil is a new blog by a U.S. judicial clerk. [via The Blawg Ring] Ken Lammers is a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia with some well behaved pets. [via The Blawg Ring] Nathan Oman is blogging his way through Harvard law school. [via The University of Waikato] The Big Blog looks like a good news aggregation site, with sections focusing on Online Legal Issues and on IP & Patents. [via The University of Waikato] Lawhawk News is maintained by Pat Northey. [via The University of Waikato] Seattle lawyer and yoga devotee Venkat blogs at Balasubramania's Mania. [via] Sean Hocking blogs Australian legal news at Australian Legal Eye and offers commentary about legal publishers at House Of Butter. [via] A couple of lawyers are posting interesting thoughts at Sub Judice. [via] Blawgs? In Ireland? Yep. [via] Frank Pasternak is a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. [via] Off to commune further with the Man In Black. Don't forget to bring an umbrella.

Strange Pairings

Speaking of creativity and rock and roll ("Larry and the lawbloggers" - heh; do not miss the discussion flowing from Doc's Going Deep post as conveniently corralled by Technorati), have you caught the Johnny Cash cover of Personal Jesus (on American IV: The Man Comes Around)? Somehow, it works.

Monday, January 20, 2003

"It's Mine!"

Jeff Jarvis's Copyright Notice reminds me a little of RageBoy's Terms of Service (warning: page *moans*). In a good way.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Inner Pieces

Some enlightening yoga links: Business 2.0: Yogis Behaving Badly. The Christy Bag (never fear; a "percentage" of the $350 tab goes to Cancer Care). The Gucci mat ($875; no percentage mentioned). Spotted in Los Angeles Magazine and Daily Candy.


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Another Day At John Wayne

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