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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Slippery When Sloping

The Reverse Cowgirl seeks to justify the enormity of her porn collection, while I just strive to justify the scope of my ever-expanding blawg list. It can alternately resemble a jar of Sea Monkeys ("real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!" -- they are, after all, "'The' perfect office pet"), or the biological antecedent to the gray goo problem, but when I see people like Jack Balkin sprout a weblog it renews my faith that adding water is a good thing. Here are a few new additions to the b&b blawgroll; use nonskid shoes and surfaces when available. Legal Outreach has the noble and ambitious goal of building transparent legal structures worldwide. [via Ernie] Attorneys Suck is by a young (yes, 26 is young) Manhattan attorney with too much time on his hands (hey, send some West!). [via Howard] Environmental law issues are blogged at How Green Is My Country? [via Howard] Cruelty To Analog is a new EFF blog written (so far) by another West Coast blogger who no doubt could use a time infusion, Seth Schoen. [via Donna] Kim is something of a rarity: a paralegal blogger. Always good to spot one of these in the wild. [via Ernie] Say Hi to blawg pioneer Bill Slawski's other blog, Bragadocchio, too. netLs is a group blog associated with the Network-Lawyers email discussion group. [via Genie] Siva Vaidhyanathan is a professor and author of books I haven't read but should. [via Donna] The SCLLA Blawg blogs legal tech info from the Stark County (Ohio) Law Library Association. [via The Blawg Ring] Law student blogs heavy on the Fletch references seem destined for greatness, and Sugar, Mr. Poon? is no exception. [via The Blawg Ring] Where else but at Decnavda's Dialectic could you find both a Tax Court opinion blog and the ravings of an incoherent madman? [via The Blawg Ring] Raymond Chandler is a (Missouri?) law student. Despite beliefs you might hold to the contrary. [via The Blawg Ring] Lawyer and philosophy PhD David Koepsell has a healthy attitude toward readership: "I’m not writing this for you, so if you can’t stand the tone, change the channel." (Remember Steve Martin? "I don't need you. I can do this act alone. I often do.") [via The Blawg Ring] The Consejo intellectual property blog chronicles legal developments affecting scientific research and agriculture. Cool! [via The Blawg Ring] The Advocate's Devil is a new blog by a U.S. judicial clerk. [via The Blawg Ring] Ken Lammers is a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia with some well behaved pets. [via The Blawg Ring] Nathan Oman is blogging his way through Harvard law school. [via The University of Waikato] The Big Blog looks like a good news aggregation site, with sections focusing on Online Legal Issues and on IP & Patents. [via The University of Waikato] Lawhawk News is maintained by Pat Northey. [via The University of Waikato] Seattle lawyer and yoga devotee Venkat blogs at Balasubramania's Mania. [via] Sean Hocking blogs Australian legal news at Australian Legal Eye and offers commentary about legal publishers at House Of Butter. [via] A couple of lawyers are posting interesting thoughts at Sub Judice. [via] Blawgs? In Ireland? Yep. [via] Frank Pasternak is a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. [via] Off to commune further with the Man In Black. Don't forget to bring an umbrella.

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