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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Mac Firsts (For Me)

Hosting blog images at Apple HomePage:
Halting commercial skip on TiVo'd programs to catch Apple "switch" ads. Simple, fast, attractive photo publishing. This is how Newport Harbor looked last night (thanks to iPhoto's instant "share" function).

Friday, June 14, 2002

Fishes, Slates, Hind Ends And Other Bloggings

It's been a busy week getting ready for an appellate oral argument yesterday. Between combing through legal authorities and arguments, these have registered on my consciousness: For Fishrush: Fishman! (By Dan Bransfield, featured on Eye Drops.) Terry Gross's interview with former Slate editor Michael Kinsley. [Via Fresh Air] The wonders of the Assotron. (Powers Phillips has set the bar high, but this heads - tails? - us in the general direction. In all fairness, I tried to likewise deface Bag and Baggage, but the blog appears unbummable.) Thanks, for the thanks, for the thanks . . . Tom Shugart makes the North Oakland-Cuba connection it is often easy to miss. Meanwhile, AKMA dubs Frank Paynter "Imperator of the Internet Interview," "The Mouth of the Midwest," and the "Barbara Walters of the Blogocracy," folding Frank's interviews into his penetrating thoughts and discussions about identity.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Modern Practice, from FindLaw

FindLaw debuts its Modern Practice law practice and technology magazine, which looks pretty good. Articles. Product Reviews. Tips. Discussion board. No blog.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Can You Take The Copying Out Of Deep Linking?

I chimed in to Ernest Miller's thread on LawMeme about how and where deep linking fits into the copyright analysis ("Is There an Implied License to Deep Link?," June 11, 2002), and ended things on an inquisitive note. Your thoughts on whether links actually "copy" anything, or related ruminations, would be most welcome. --Update: there is always Marek's solution.

The Legal Bean

Another court blogger, and a coffee lover to boot. State Supreme Court law clerk Dennis Rogers joins the blawg roll today:
You will find here my musings on coffee (I'm a home-roaster in training), philosophy (especially epistimological musings), and legal related stuff (since I am an attorney after all).
Thanks, Howard, for the link.

NPR Gems

Two excellent NPR programs came my way via Audible in the last 48 hours: The July 7, 2000 edition of Science Friday with Ira Flatow, in which David Gelernter (Yale) and Michael Dertouzos (MIT) discussed the future of computing. Their big picture insights about ubiquitousness, interface design and intuitive knowledge organization remain timely and fascinating almost two years down the road. Book critic Maureen Corrigan's favorite nonfiction and fiction books of 2001, from the December 21, 2001 edition of Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

The Bitches From Hell, Plus Two

Please give yourself time to explore the pleasures of the Web site of Denver law firm Powers Phillips, P.C. [Via Held In Contempt and Overlawyered] Pleasures? Law firm site? Have the psychotropic freeway pollutants compromised my senses once and for all, you ask? I kid you not - they're in Martindale and I pinched myself awake, to boot - and they kid you every which way. The disclaimer is pure hilarity. The Bitches From Hell Newsflash speaks for itself (and just needs a blog format). The attorney biographies, "listed inversely according to height," include "real stories" that give new meaning to the term "c.v." And there's more great stuff where this came from. I don't know if companies can have a voice, but this one's got bookings on Sunset.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

A First

I'm linking to this Federal Circuit patent law decision [via FindLaw] not due to its exemplary reasoning and prose, but because it makes me thirsty.


Belated thanks to Tom Matrullo, Ernie Svenson, Dave Rogers, Tom Shugart, Mike Golby and William Slawski for their acknowledgments regarding Frank's interview with me.

Poetry In eMotion

I agree with Chris, that businesses don't have a voice. WE the people who make up these companies do have voices though. And that's one thing I'm trying to do, in some small way, to make the clients I work with a little more real. To hope that they adopt from my voice something that sparks in them the thought that maybe, just maybe, they could allow--even encourage--their own people be real and connect. To connect with one another, with us out here, with new ideas and things that keep their hearts beating. And maybe their businesses would be better off for it. So, that's what I'm doing in one piece of my world, through the work I do that pays the bills, one tiny paragraph at a time.
Jeneane Sessum, senior e-business writer with Ketchum, mother, scholar, spark-to-flame, and latest Frank Paynter "intervieweeeee." If Frank's interviews are like a one-act play, this one is a musical with a driving bass line and notes of three-part harmony from Christopher Locke. Plug in some Rufus Reid, pull your Cixous up close and dive in.

Equal Opportunity Spam

For men feeling unfairly treated by the high volume of Viagra-themed email, you may appreciate knowing that spam does not discriminate. "Dhoward" was given the opportunity to increase her bust "by 1 to 3 sizes within 30-60 days and be all natural." Absolutely no side effects! Be more self confident! Be more comfortable in bed! No more need for a lift or support bra! Talk about assuming facts not in evidence.

Ungagging The Judges

Howard Bashman's new column examines Republican Party of Minnesota v. Kelly, and whether the Supreme Court should strike as unconstitutional a regulation imposing speech restrictions on candidates for judicial election. Howard rounds up related resources on his blog.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Blog Benificence

"'How Appealing' has now done its first official good deed for verbose appellate lawyers," by sparking a discussion at WordPerfect Universe and the posting of a technique that lets WordPerfect users be just as wordy in their appellate briefs as their colleagues using Word. (In federal court - and now in California too - appellate briefs may only be so many words long, and counting by hand went out with Bob Cratchit.) I checked out the fix and was relieved, for a change, to be using a Microsoft product!


Got a chance to see UR-Law in action the other day, in connection with a very large document production. Sure beats a warehouse full of boxes - in about a million ways.

Betamaxing The DVRs

Donna Wentworth has a good discussion underway about the rhetoric of non-infringing use. Start here, then go here for Frank Field's response and here for Ernest Miller's. "Stare Decisis" should also be a strong term and principle as courts consider dvr functionality.

Seizing The Patent Office

Stephan Kinsella offers commentary about the USPTO's new strategic plan.

Rich Flavors

If there has been one over-arching theme in my quest to know others, it has been, and I so hate this word, diversity. My whole life I've shunned the ordinary, the regular, the expected. I've sought out people from all walks of life, friends of all flavors. I am very much richer for that view, for that way of being.
From Faith, whose blog reflects her philosophy. And there's more.

Post Cluetrain

Things look a little different to Christopher Smith these days.

Sunday, June 09, 2002


Sums up two themes for the day: the sorry state of my health and things you can do to your TiVo. It's Jeneane's birthday! Go wish her a happy one while I hunt for a decongestant. For the TiVo, the 30-second jump hack [via The Screen Savers] transforms the skip-to-end button into a 30-second skip button. Not that you'd want to miss commercials or anything. (Others are referenced by the same source with much cya.)

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