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Friday, June 14, 2002

Fishes, Slates, Hind Ends And Other Bloggings

It's been a busy week getting ready for an appellate oral argument yesterday. Between combing through legal authorities and arguments, these have registered on my consciousness: For Fishrush: Fishman! (By Dan Bransfield, featured on Eye Drops.) Terry Gross's interview with former Slate editor Michael Kinsley. [Via Fresh Air] The wonders of the Assotron. (Powers Phillips has set the bar high, but this heads - tails? - us in the general direction. In all fairness, I tried to likewise deface Bag and Baggage, but the blog appears unbummable.) Thanks, for the thanks, for the thanks . . . Tom Shugart makes the North Oakland-Cuba connection it is often easy to miss. Meanwhile, AKMA dubs Frank Paynter "Imperator of the Internet Interview," "The Mouth of the Midwest," and the "Barbara Walters of the Blogocracy," folding Frank's interviews into his penetrating thoughts and discussions about identity.

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