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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Long Tail Wears A Poncho

My mom is good enough to bring me up to speed from time to time on the latest from the world of those nefarious, file sharing knitters. Though she has no IP news for me at the moment, it seems there has been such a frenzy for the poncho Martha Stewart wore while leaving prison (a gift handmade by another inmate), it melted the servers (more from USA Today; and thus was "Yarndotting" born) of Lion Brand Yarns, which is offering a free "Coming Home" poncho pattern. Or if you'd prefer, there's the "Freedom Poncho" from Interweave Press, or the Bernat Martha Poncho Madness version (also available as a pack including yarn, pattern, and crochet hook).

Elsewhere, the Chief Blogging Officer is posting bits of Gonzo Marketing, re-mixed with multi-level annotations (i.e., past and present) and graphics. Gonzo Marketing saw the Long Tail wagging well before it started whacking people in the knees.

All of which simply means the next round is on me.

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