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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Firefox As XML Debugger

In response to a couple of emails regarding yesterday's podcast, it was once again recorded on the K700i. This is a really simple way to go, so I'm liking it. The sound quality to me is ok; if it's driving you crazy please let me know.

An interesting tidbit I've noticed in the podcasting process is another great feature built into Firefox. I've been running my feed through the iPodder debugger before posting. If there's a hitch in the code, the debugger points you to this post, which is helpful but nonspecific. That is, the issue might be any of the several mentioned there, or it might be something else. However, if you have Firefox try to read the feed, and it can't, it tells you precisely where the problem is and why it's a problem. Yet another reason to love this browser — Firefix!

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