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Saturday, March 08, 2003

The Telltales

In the most recent upcropping of a theme here at Bag and Baggage (which someday may factor into an official declaration of weblogs a controlled substance), here are my current Top Ten Signs of a Microcontent Obsession:

  1. If the situation called for a posse, you're reasonably sure one could be assembled.
  2. When travelling to a new city, the people you know there and along the way—but haven't yet met—are prominent in your thoughts.
  3. You suppose you really should try harder. (Note, #1 is—of course—a blogger, wife of a blawger, and either or both may bump into Ernie at SXSW.)
  4. Your weblog's redesign—and redesigner—hail from Leamington Spa.
  5. Your weblog does recruiting, and it's in good company.
  6. Your weblog is an ardent supporter of the arts.
  7. Crazy Eric's got nothing on you.
  8. It may say "Important Document Inside!" but you know better.
  9. It's not uncommon for you to commence a citation in a brief with an angle bracket—then wistfully have to delete.
  10. You're still mourning the passing of an inordinately talented and even-tempered rabbit (with whom you never were personally aquainted).


Top Tens of Yore:

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