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Saturday, March 23, 2002

A Moment This afternoon, 4:30 yoga, room not as hot as usual, 98, 99 degrees f. instead of the standard 102, 103. Uncrowded class, lots of room to maneuver and breathe, blinds open to show post-rain cloud sculptures. Husband and wife first-timers behind me, both struggling (he more than she) but troopers. Forty-five minutes in, the floor series begins and they get to take their first shavasana. Lying on the floor like bricks in a wall, his head to her feet. The guy reaches up and draws mischievous patterns on her insteps. Without a flinch or a giggle, she lies there and takes it, a slow smile spreading over her eye-shuttered face, until it's time to begin the next posture.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Still on the Loose Here's Papa (not Hemingway, although the confusion is understandable), reading Bag and Baggage with a few of his favorite things to keep him company. Somehow he transported these to the Inn to take this without getting arrested; they're a little more casual about their weaponry in his neck of the woods.

And the little Casinos shall lead them... This was a long time coming: on Wednesday the Ninth Circuit endorsed service of process by email once court approval has been obtained, in a case brought by the RIO hotel and casino in Las Vegas. This means that if someone is trying to evade service of a lawsuit and you have their email address, you can legitimately accomplish service by email. The Ninth Circuit found this to be reasonable and in keeping with Consitutional due process: "As noted by the court in New England Merchants [v. Iran Power Gen. & Trans. Co., 495 F. Supp. 73, 80 (S.D.N.Y. 1980)], in granting permission to effect service of process by process via telex on Iranian defendants: 'Courts...cannot be blind to changes and advances in technology. No longer do we live in a world where communications are conducted solely by mail carried by fast sailing clipper...ships. Electronic communication via satellite can and does provide instantaneous transmission of notice and information. No longer must process be mailed to a defendant's door when he can receive complete notice at an electronic terminal inside his very office, even when his door is steel and bolted shut.' 495 F. Supp. at 81. We wholeheartedly agree." Noting that there remain some difficulties in confirming receipt of emails and their attachments, the court stressed that for the time being the validity of email service should be treated on a case-by-case basis: "[W]e leave it to the discretion of the district court to balance the limitations of email service against its benefits in any particular case." Sign of the week that the judicial system is joining the 21st century. (Of course by that time it may be the 22nd.)

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Pelican Bay Verdict's in. I would say this should cheer Fang up, but finding anything cheerful in this case is like finding a nickel in the desert - probably impossible and not worth the effort. I'd stick with Slipper. (Thanks to Pongo for the eagle-eye on the news.)

Offerings We simply can't have Fang sulking. Perhaps these will appease:
aaahhh Wroo, Wroo!!

Options So, which is the blogtank? (I like the yoga one.)

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Dog Bloggerel I wonder what Fang, Pongo and Mathilda think about fifteen years to life (for their owners) if they decide to get ornery? That's a long time between kibblings.

Blog Doggerel Preserve us, Mel's in the house, poetizing in my comments. Without intending it, he's given me the best birthday gift of all: being yanked back to age fourteen and seized by the need to bleat, "Aw, Daaaaad!!" He also sent a fantastic photo that will be blogged as soon as it's emailed. Not to mention - a box full of t-shirts proclaiming: "Doc Searls Linked My Blog." Please let me know if I can send you one. Please. Mel, you need a blog. You know that. I'm going to have to bring out the big guns and sic Elaine on you. I think she's in Berkeley, and would no doubt love to visit the Inn and lower the blogging boom. Now I have a birthday gift for the rest of you (and Mel after Kalilily's trip): did you know that Google has a free "search the web/search your site" tool? I put it down on the lower forty here at B&B. You can even customize the results page a bit for the "search your site" feature. They just keep giving, don't they?

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Ok, now tell us something about yourself. (And rethink the animation.) This fellow's getting coverage in California's legal news for his novel approach to job hunting: posting his resume online and linking to it from discussion groups. Thanks for the info, great creds, now howzabout a voice? I can tell you based on what I know from their respective sites I might be tempted to recommend Larry Staton instead, and, ah, he hasn't even started law school...

Monday, March 18, 2002

Blawg Addition: Katie Stahl, who remains in the wakeful minority of the student body at The University Of Houston Law Center by blogging, organizes women law students with a blog, posts course outlines on her site (truly revolutionary to the likes of me - "why, when I was in law school we didn't even have email!"), plans to go to Ireland (mandatory for future lawyers, to study the fine art of Blarney), and is a poet to boot. Jeneane or Elaine, I sense a Blog Sisters invite coming on...

It's All About Flexibility Ah, the multi-faceted Mac (thanks to Professor Sorkin for the link).

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