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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Blog Doggerel Preserve us, Mel's in the house, poetizing in my comments. Without intending it, he's given me the best birthday gift of all: being yanked back to age fourteen and seized by the need to bleat, "Aw, Daaaaad!!" He also sent a fantastic photo that will be blogged as soon as it's emailed. Not to mention - a box full of t-shirts proclaiming: "Doc Searls Linked My Blog." Please let me know if I can send you one. Please. Mel, you need a blog. You know that. I'm going to have to bring out the big guns and sic Elaine on you. I think she's in Berkeley, and would no doubt love to visit the Inn and lower the blogging boom. Now I have a birthday gift for the rest of you (and Mel after Kalilily's trip): did you know that Google has a free "search the web/search your site" tool? I put it down on the lower forty here at B&B. You can even customize the results page a bit for the "search your site" feature. They just keep giving, don't they?

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