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Saturday, March 23, 2002

A Moment This afternoon, 4:30 yoga, room not as hot as usual, 98, 99 degrees f. instead of the standard 102, 103. Uncrowded class, lots of room to maneuver and breathe, blinds open to show post-rain cloud sculptures. Husband and wife first-timers behind me, both struggling (he more than she) but troopers. Forty-five minutes in, the floor series begins and they get to take their first shavasana. Lying on the floor like bricks in a wall, his head to her feet. The guy reaches up and draws mischievous patterns on her insteps. Without a flinch or a giggle, she lies there and takes it, a slow smile spreading over her eye-shuttered face, until it's time to begin the next posture.

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