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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Top Ten, Round III

I have twice before essayed to offer proof that weblogs and other tiny online sources insidiously yet inexorably are taking over the world. Ok, so maybe this only is proof they're taking over my brain, but that's a start, isn't it? Especially if I'm still blogging through The Cold That Ate Southern California, Work and The Holidays -- which are subject to no judicial extension of which I am aware. Regardless, here are my current Top Ten Signs Of A Microcontent Obsession: 1. Your RSS is not valid. Once this bothered you. Now you revel in it. [0xBADFEED via Dave] 2. Your blog is sick of globetrotting for you; now it sends you globetrotting for it. 3. You are familiar with the Meg and Jason story. 4. You are familiar with Doc's daughter's profession. 5. You sleep better at night if you check here first. 6. You have given presentations to your co-workers about the uses and benefits of weblogs. 7. You never much *cared* about traffic, but there are similarities between the way you covet your Technorati page and the way a pirate covets dubloons. 8. You are cramming for exams -- and still blogging. 9. You are grinding on a brief -- and still blogging. 10. Weblogs are integral to your holiday shopping strategy.

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