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Monday, September 02, 2002

Reach Out And Sue Someone

Chapter 3 of Professor Lessig's Code begins with the following quote from David Johnson and David Post ["Law and Borders -- The Rise of Law In Cyberspace," Stanford Law Review 48 (1996): 1367, 1375]:
The rise of an electronic medium that disregards geographical boundaries throws the law into disarray by creating entirely new phenomena that need to become the subject of clear legal rules but that cannot be governed, satisfactorily, by any current territorially based sovereign.
Six years later the Net jurisdiction rules remain in flux, but by year-end the California Supreme Court will weigh in with its opinion in Pavlovich v. Superior Court. (More links here.) Oral argument is this Thursday. I'm going to attend the argument, and will have more here Thursday or Friday depending on time and access. (Think anyone's warchalked the Court?)

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