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Friday, June 02, 2006

Because Law Is Levity

Or at minimum AdSense and Amazon Affiliate dollars. Or book sales. See:

  • Fucked 'suit. The site seems to be having technical difficulties at the moment — but check out that "slice" across the top offering no fewer than 45 ways to bookmark and otherwise meta-morialize your experience.
  • Anonymous Law Firm's Web site (copyright Henry Holt and Company, re Jeremy Blachman's book, Anonymous Lawyer, the novel). So, who is he? Doesn't matter, the pictures alone are worth the visit.

And I suppose now is as good a time as any to announce that the winner of the Bag and Baggage Summer Associate Anecdote Extravaganza is (drumroll please)...Synonymous Lawyer. Because none of you actually submitted any anecdotes. But Synonymous is an anonymous parody of the author of an anonymous parody, and I simply can't resist that. Plus, s/he alluded to a summer associate anecdote involving "poop" (I have no idea whether this kind or this kind) in my comments, so that'll have to do. Synonymous will receive an advance copy of Jeremy's book — assuming s/he's willing to part with an address (a P.O. box is fine, I suspect).

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