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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Win One From The Ripper

Following up on my last post, I'm in the process of reading an advance copy of Anonymous Lawyer, the novel, and am fighting hard against the urge to review it before I've actually finished the book. I plan to win that fight, but in the meantime Jeremy and his publisher have graciously offered to send an advance copy (the book is due out in July) to a Bag and Baggage reader of my choice. If you'd like to be that reader, here's all you need to do. Write up a summer program anecdote and either blog it (and send me the link), or email it my way. I'll pick my favorite and the book will go to that lucky person. I'd like to blog the winning submission and potentially runners up in their entirety, so by submitting you're granting me permission to do so. I'll also ultimately need the address where the book should be sent.

Submissions can be bone-chilling, heart-warming, or anywhere on the spectrum in between. Strangely enough, the only interesting summer program stories I know involve transgressions by the students rather than the firms. (Like the guy who, unbeknownst to his firm, wasn't actually enrolled at his top-5 law school when he received his end-of-summer offer, because the place had the temerity to expel him when it turned out he'd embezzled his law journal's treasury. Or the woman whose sole aim in accepting her summer clerkship was to troll for sexual harassment and/or discrimination and write an exposé. Or the guys who just a few weeks into their summer couldn't resist burning some of their newfound discretionary income on a trip to London...for the weekend...when they both had to be at the office bright and early the following Monday.) But your mileage may certainly vary. So have at it — raise our eyebrows, our hackles, or our spirits as you see fit, and you just might earn yourself some fine summer reading.

Please get me your submissions by next Friday, the 26th. Assuming anyone actually reads this and/or participates, I'll announce the winner after Memorial Day.

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