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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Over Thered

  • Kevin Heller: "[I]f you're non-technical and interested in hosting your own blog, I can help you get it going A-Z for rates much lower than lexblog is charging." (Who could resist a Google Fight on that one?)
  • Dennis Kennedy: "I can't dance to a copy of your copyright registration form."
  • Ernie Svenson: "By ourselves we're kind of lost, but together we know a lot. And search engines like Yahoo and Google and other search engines are good at helping us depend on the kindness of strangers. Oh, and one other lesson: people that run sites like Martindale, which don't let Google index them, are complete idiots." (link omitted) Also: "[S]ome form of stretching, coupled with the indiscriminate use of automatic weapons."
  • Marty Schwimmer: "I encourage you, in your special role as 'expert federal legislator,' to consider participating in a somewhat novel communications network for creating a conversation about legislation with concerned citizens: legal blogs."
  • My old law school buddy Bob Holtzapple, in the April California Lawyer's IP Roundtable: "For example, Canon buys the ad word Xerox for its copiers so Canon comes up when Xerox is used as a search word. When I try to put this issue in a trademark box and analyze the elements, I come up lacking. I wonder whether the remedy for my Xerox hypothetical isn't trademark law, but some sort of unfair competition claim."
  • Gary Turner: "Coveting Thy Neighbour's Wifi"
  • And Frank Paynter brings hope that while I've never been any good at math, perhaps I haven't been trying the right kind.

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