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Sunday, September 14, 2003

It Ain't Funny, It's My Profession

Who's there?
From Brandon Bird, An Adventure to Color. Via Hanan Levin; Technorati link cosmos.

More proof the law's ability to inspire pathos and humor knows no bounds:

  • Law & Order: Artistic Intent, orchestrated by the aforementioned Brandon Bird, and as written up in the Gothamist and Metroactive: "Still in recovery from his childhood in Sacramento, Bird has vowed to use his artistic chutzpah to 'spread the light of truth and freedom across a nation of bitter and oppressed souls.'"
  • Eugene Volokh's Hum a Few Bar Exam, 2 Green Bag 2d 125 (1998): "Big wheel keeps on turning; Proud Mary keeps on burning (or 'boining'). What is the maximum level of particulate emissions Proud Mary may put out? Is an Environmental Impact Statement required?"

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