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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

iPod Update, Quick Hi

1.2.6 update
About 9 hours down. 2 bars still left!

Still swimming through cases, records and arguments here at B&B. It's going to be that kind of few weeks. This does not, of course, slow down my Dad, who has all my direct numbers and as of today ... switched. It's been a breeze for him, and he already sounds like an old hand at OS X. (This has not been without its bittersweet moments for me, however: "I see, the 20 gig iPod. And what else?") Between my real papa, my blog papa, what feels like a sizeable chunk of Orange County, and Ernie—who's bound to crumble any day—I'm wishing with some fervency that Apple had an Associates program.

Here's a tip for anyone tempted to follow my paters familias down the rosy (and yet not thorn free) Mac path. I guess it would work with XP too. First thing when you get your new baby out of the box, set up a dummy user account you don't intend to use. Call it "Stupid." As time goes on, "Stupid" retains only the factory settings (plus Software Updates? not sure), just in case something should go awry. I forget where I read/heard this suggestion or I'd credit it. It has come in handy on a couple of occasions.

And before leaving behind the subject of father-daughter technobonding, I must note RB has another blogdaughter, this time for real: Mirage's Blog. Can't tell? "don't question me...."

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