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Thursday, April 01, 2004

No Fooling (Reprise)

Jon Healey has a good article in today's Los Angeles Times Business section, headlined File Sharing Ruled Legal In Canada, about yesterday's Federal Court of Canada decision holding that file sharing does not violate Canadian copyright law. The story also discusses by way of contrast pending U.S. legislation (HR 4077, Smith-Berman) that would criminalize the intentional sharing of 1,000 songs or more, with a maximum 3-year sentence. (Q: "So what are you in for?" A: "Some Bon Jovi, a little ZZ-Top...")

Bonus links: Michael Geist of the University of Ottowa and ILN, quoted in the article, now has a kind of blog, plus an RSS feed.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

No Fooling

Spotted this silver Rolls in Newport Beach today. No Photoshop.

Erik Heels just reminded me tomorrow is April 1. He has a Parody Law category cocked and ready to aggregate the goofiness.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Different Worlds

My (divorced) parents have alternated visits to their (only) grandchild the last two weekends. My mother, in paradigmatic "back in my day" mode, is amazed such things as jogging strollers even exist. My father just wants to know if anyone equips them with an onboard sound system. (Answer: kinda, yeah: "The new 'Music on the Move' parent tray allows you and your child to enjoy your favorite tunes using any radio, cassette, CD, or MP3 player; speakers, amplifier, and jack are included.")

In other news, I've learned babies are perfectly capable of joining American's AAdvantage program (and probably others). And Doc seems to have lined me up a guest spot on The Sopranos, bless his heart.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Howard's Append

How Appealing has sprung an evil twin ("How Appalling"). Can the allegations of performance enhancers and exaggerated youth be far behind? (Target practice is a longstanding tradition in the blogosphere, so congratulations to Howard for being one of the first blawgers so honored.)

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Heady Advice

"I won't wear a felt hat after Easter. It's just not done. Easter is when you bring out the flowers and straws. Of course, feathered hats can be worn year-round."

—Ethel Bradley, in today's Los Angeles Times Magazine, on her splendid millinery obsession.

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