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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Short List: what Web services will they have to pry from your cold, carpally decimated hands?

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I'm giving a talk later this month to the IADC (Int'l Ass'n of Defense Counsel; a.k.a. a passel of lawyers), at which I'm to be folks' "guide to the Live Web, demonstrating how online tools connect communities of interest in the legal world and beyond." (Yeah, guilty, I believe I penned that mouthful.) I'm planning to cover prevailing communication tools, from zero- to low-latency models (twitter/friendfeed/laconica, video+real-time chat), to mid-latency (blogging, social networking/news/bookmarks), to high latency (static Web pages that may or may not incorporate or embrace more immediate methods), as well as some of the related legal and sociocultural (that one's for you of course, Ernie) considerations.

I know what's on my short list — friendfeed, twitter, laconica, the myriad of blogging alternatives, ustream/stickam-type tools, tools, flickr-type tools, Gmail-type tools, Google Docs-type tools, wikis, business management tools, and, dwindlingly, Google Reader-type tools — but I'd love to know what's on yours. I know I'm missing things people swear by but I just don't use. Please help me understand the universe of indispensable.

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