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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why my hip-hop posse would include Sean Hannity

Assuming we're talking acoustic hip-hop? (E.g., JoCo's Baby Got Back.) This posse'd be da bomb.

Sean Hannity
Every posse needs a pot-stirrer, right? This guy's in such a good mood now that he has an administration to tear into, his company might even be ok. Well, scratch that, but at least he'd keep the obnoxious element localized at one end of the bar, freeing up the rest of the venue. And I'd like to see him dress the part.

Brother Love
The hair? The shades? Oh he's in.

Marc Canter
Perhaps several cocktails into the evening I'd finally start to grok the fence.

Stephanie Agresta
Megawatt smile, night owl stamina.

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