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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sociopathic Networking

The Crone From Gurzuf
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Yes sweetie, there are monsters.

To the woman who took it upon herself to lash out at my son as he first tried to show her to a table in the corner frozen yogurt shoppe:

I'm not sitting there; it's dirty.

then attempted some friendly chit chat:

him: You look like someone from a movie!

her: Go away. I'm serious. Go away NOW. Stop bothering me. I don't want to be bothered by naughty little boys.

then to me: Get your boy away from me.

I suggest you cultivate a hobby other than being rude to little children, before you eventually push a parent past anger and pity into something far more dangerous. (Blogging not being quite what I had in mind, but 'twil suffice for now.)

Putting a good face on this in the aftermath involved an abundance of false enthusiasm over the "thrill" of meeting one's first really rude person, discussion about chronic unhappiness, unpacking of karma-meets-Galatians ("As ye sow," etc.), and ultimately a conveyor-belt sushi free-for-all.

All of which had Tyler wondering if his BabyPlays concertina might help ("Maybe she needs some beautiful music?"), or if she had been in a war. Though I'm somewhat less inclined to excuse the bad behavior of one able to snack on frozen treats with Reese's toppings on a sunny afternoon in Newport Beach . . . I kept these thoughts to myself.

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