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Monday, January 28, 2008

'Who Took Those Photos?!'

FlickrFan demo at Yahoo Brickhouse
Originally uploaded by Steve Rhodes

The AppleTV is on in our house nearly 24-7, but not for TV. My favorite thing about it is still its screen saver, which dances across the flat screen while your music library plays. One thing that was missing from both AppleTV and iPhone was integration with Flickr, as I lamented last summer. Last month Dave Winer fixed this with FlickrFan. Looking at your own pics on AppleTV is fantastic, but having a window into the Flickrverse from your media center is truly amazing. Especially when you have a child around to help choose the tags. Just channel Julie Andrews ("I simply remember my favorite things") and you have some really superb, commercial-free, video-free, and free-like-in-beer entertainment.

Here are instructions for using FlickrFan with AppleTV and iPhone. You gotta have a Mac. But you probably do.

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