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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sing It With Me: Everyone's A Winner At Nixon Peabody

Backstory, from Above the Law, which is taking copyright flack for posting this:

Loads of comments. I agree with several, such as the one stating this is David Lat's best work ever (though let us not forget the entire ouvre of Underneath Their Robes), the one suggesting this would make a most excellent cell phone ring tone, and the many expressing bafflement at the PR cluelessless of the firm's response and refusal to just celebrate the high camp and silliness.

While we're on the subject, you may as well Digg this up so the rest of the world can howl/groan/groove right along with the law types.

[Update, 8/25/07:] It's down; it's back. With commentary/comedy overlay:

[Second update, 8/25/07:] The consequences begin. What would you have done? My thoughts here.

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