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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nonaggression, Packed

Sam For Peace 2
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Tyler has a responsibility chart we complete at the end of each day, and he gets to add a circle to the chart for things like brushing his teeth, helping out, etc. The one we inevitably save for last is "Be Nice," which by itself was worth the price of the chart. It makes him think throughout the day (well, once or twice) about what he can do to ensure we'll let him get that circle. Something has gone seriously awry (potentially involving EMTs) when Tyler doesn't get his "Be Nice" circle.

So tonight we're velcroing the circles to his chart. We get to "Be Nice."

Me: Who were you nice to at school today?

Tyler: I was sitting in a chair waiting for you, and there was a boy next to me with some garbage in his mouth.

Me: How was that nice?

Tyler: I didn't hit him.

(Cue choir of celebratory angels; release the doves.)

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