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Monday, June 18, 2007

More from Stanford; More Podcasts!

I'm sitting in the session on law and virtual worlds at Stanford's Fourth Annual E-Commerce Best Practices conference. It's good to see James Grimmelmann up there (who I met back in fall '02). James is talking about the Bragg v. Linden case, which is involved in procedural maneuverings, including a recent district court determination that Linden's arbitration provision in its terms of use is unenforceable (held a contract of adhesion, etc.).

We talked a good deal about the Attention Trust during my panel, so there's the link for any interested visitors.

I was happy to be a guest on two more podcasts that have just gone up: Lawyer2Lawyer on the Avvo class action (MP3; feed), and I recently got together with iTales founder Mary-Margaret O'Connor to discuss legal topics for storytellers (MP3; feed).

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