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Monday, February 05, 2007

The California Lawyer On Women Lawyers: 'We Quit'

This month's cover story in the California Lawyer is right on: We're Outa Here: Why Women are Leaving Big Firms. Here's a quote in the piece from Joan C. Williams of the WorkLife Law Blog:

Younger women sometimes ask us baby boomers, 'Why did we inherit this work/life balance problem? Why didn't you solve it?' . . . And I say to them, 'Honey, you don't realize this: If we had rocked the boat, we'd be out on our ears so fast our heads would spin.'

And the article's bottom line: "If law firms want to get the best and brightest young women to join them and stay, they will likely need to change radically and adopt different definitions of sacrifice and partnership."

Will it happen? Certainly not everywhere.

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