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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's New Blawg

shlep: the self-help law express is new from David Giacalone:

SHLEP's goal is to bring the benefits of a daily weblog to the Self-Help Law movement. Developments and news about self-help will be presented (often thanks to the efforts of the good folk at In addition to creating or organizing background materials for those who want to find self-help resources, your editor will attempt to keep readers informed of self-help resources available to the public and to professional providers of those services, of studies and reports on self-help law and related issues, of relevant symposia and meetings, and of the people and groups aiding (or obstructing) the movement.

David is looking for co-editors to help get this worthy effort off the ground. This would be a great project for anyone interested in demystifying the legal system, participatory law, and/or getting their feet wet in blogging in a structured/team effort/good cause sort of way. I bet if you're a law student there would even be a way to get credit for it.

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