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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Podcasters Rock

Seriously, Paul Figgiani (Gigavox Media), Steve Holden (TechNewsRadio), and Victor Cajiao (Typical PC User Podcast; Typical Mac User Podcast; Immigration Tales Podcast), you guys have been so incredibly generous and helpful I scarcely know what to do with myself. Thank you so much. Victor sums up (and embodies) the coolness of the podcasting community and its helpful and encouraging spirit too well:

Steve Holden from Tech News Radio Podcast, told me that [Denise] needed some assistance doing her Skype recording and that [she] and I had similar Mackie Onyx Boards.

I called her on the phone and she had already figured out 99% of the entire deal thanks to this article. Anyway to make a long story, longer, we had a very nice chat, I explained some foundational things about audio and getting gain correct on the Mackie and how and why we need AUX 1 and AUX 2.

Bottom line she was able to record a live Skype call between her and I, and I think she is ready. The Coooool part is how in the podcasting community people that have never met each other (Like Denise and I) can come together with a common goal in a matter of minutes and produce something that will eventually be of value to the everyone in the Podsphere. No egos, no bias, just people helping other people produce content. It's a beautiful thing man, it just is.

Amen, I couldn't agree more, and did I ever need "some foundational things" explained! Now I'm, ahem, just an old pro...

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