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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Up To

Potty Training Tyler

Actually, he's doing most of the work at this point. Today was his first foray into the great, wide, world sans diaper, while we shopped, ran errands, etc. for several hours. He did superb, no accidents. Yet.

Podcast Training Me

I'm getting a crash course in gang 'cast hosting from Leo Laporte, which is simultaneously (1) a dream come true, (2) surreal, and (3) supremely humbling. Topics covered range from detailed technical minutia to big-picture approach, strategy, and tips. Leo's brain is overclocked and supercooled, with data flowing from it in multi-gig chunks. You should see my mostly-illegible-because-so-hastily-scrawled notes: "Port map the XLR to the SPDIF IP address, and you're good to go!" (That's far from right, I'm afraid.) I've got a pile of cables coming, to connect a similar pile of devices to the gi-normous mixer and iMac. Seems like burning something pungent in the light of the full moon, spinning 'round three times, and kissing my elbow might be a good plan. That any of this might actually work must turn mostly on the whims of powers beyond my ken.

Order Training My Office

The physics of podcasting are only slightly less daunting than finding a home for the contents of 20 boxes of stuff on my office floor. Though I purged heavily before lugging any of it home, rounds 2 and perhaps 3 are in order before this place is once again navigable. "Remember to tip your trash collectors, and enjoy the show!"

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