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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Strange Shelffellows

In light of all the hubbub around Dell's battery related recall, I dug up some photos of my melted PowerBook from September, '04. Kinda psychedelic, hmm? [Update:] Related: Need for Battery Power Runs Into Basic Hurdles of Science. (Via Techmeme)

Li-Ion almost go boom
melts in your lap, not in your hands

Also, here's the big ol' mixer I've been going on about. Talk about butterflies in Bangkok; reallocating desk space for this thing has precipitated an entire office overhaul. (The pen is there for scale.)

mackie mixer
16 channels, 16 tons?

Which in turn has led to 90% of the books my husband and I have accumulated since 1989 or so being jigsawed into 3 thankfully capacious desk cubbies, in a serendipitous, Dewey Decimal defying riot. A Woman's Guide to Tantra Yoga is cozying up to Legal Issues in the Global Information Society — and other pairings not ordinarily found in nature.

elvii and cats
elvii and cats, living together

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