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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sand, Search, And Three Toed Sloths

  • Every now and then I wonder who exactly this Jim Carroll fellow is I have on my blogroll. I've never met him, and the precise reason he's there has been lost in the mental ether. But even though how I stumbled on or decided to blogroll him remains a mystery, he stays there because of posts like this one, which might just have earned him indefinite tenure: Why innovation thrives in sandcastle building.
  • Bob Thompson at the Washington Post has an interesting piece on Google Library, Search Me?: "There's a 10-1 chance, [Stanford library communications and development director Andrew] Herkovic estimates, that [This Is Our Land's] copyright expired without being renewed, which would put it safely in the public domain. But 'if you were the corporate counsel for Stanford, Google or anybody else, is 10 to 1 good enough?'"
  • The Google Operating System blog looks at the new Blogger. (via Digg)
  • Howard Bashman illuminates just what exactly it is we appellate lawyers do. (via Blawg Review #70)
  • John Stossel considers the innovation costs of excessive litigation, in the context of ATLA becoming AAJ.
  • Diego has his own show??? Big news in the Howell household.

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