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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Out And About

Here are Christine Hurt and Dan Gillmor on Frank Quattrone's imminent homecoming.

Culver City's municipal WiFi is blocking activities deemed to be infringement and porn using CopySense. Wow. Subpenas ahoy.

If I were L.A. Times writer Maura Dolan, I'd be pretty seriously ticked off. Here she writes this nice if late-to-the-party story (Blawg Review's Ed. had it on July 18, and Marty emailed the Between Lawyers the day before that) about Allison Margolin and her now famous YouTube video, but does it get any play in the blawgosphere? Not hardly. Why? 'Cause bloggers abhor (1) barriers to their readers' experience (site registration) and (2) link rot (the story's link will self-destruct when it slips behind the Times' archive wall). Or, maybe we just remember the crummy treatment the Times sent Kevin Heller's way.

"Straight Outta Lynwood:" Here's on Weird Al's latest.

Lookee there, seems Grouper got grabbed.

Remittitur issued today in Apple v. Does.

Do the River feeds pages Doc is enamored of work on regular old smart phones too? Gonna find out. (Right in line with Doc's comments from the latest Gillmor Gang about "invention being the mother of necessity.") [Update:] Oh yeah, they work great. Here're Dave Winer's related post and about page, and a handful of additional mobile pages.

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