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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Susan Estrich, Lack of Women Supreme Court Law Clerks Shows Unconscious Discrimination: "From five to seven in 30 years?" [Updated, 9/1] See also Dahlia Lithwick, Clerked Around: "[T]he declining number of female clerks is only half the story, if that. The appallingly low number of minority clerks every year is the rest of it."

As I said on the Dan & David show yesterday, California's imminent legislation warning of the hazards of open WiFi smells like jury ammo to me. See George Ou, Is a guest hotspot good legal insurance against the RIAA? Answer: less so when a trial lawyer can point to and argue the prevalance of public warnings about the dastardly deeds one's open WiFi might facilitate. Also from George: Configuring the Cisco 871W wireless router: SOHO setup.

Here are all the panels, keynotes, and CEO pitches from AlwaysOn 2006.

In other news, an Aspidistra that was wilted and wan in my old office (despite their renowned hardiness) is threatening to colonize a rainforest canopy here at home. (Thus endeth the heavy handed though no less literally true metaphor.)

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