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Monday, July 24, 2006

Steve Martinized

Steve Martin used to toss a line into his routine when he spaced out, something like: "Oops, went to the Bahamas there, just for a moment." I've always wanted to know what he meant, and now I do, six days there having gone by in precisely the blink of one eye. This was a family trip over a year in the planning in honor of my mother-in-law's 60th. I'd torture you with photos but my camera refused to leave and is still bumming around Nassau somewhere (I do have some hope it will make its way home, we'll see). In the meantime, the Exumas tag at Flickr will do nicely; I think we met this very pig. [Update: yay, the wayward camera turned up.]

Huge, huge thanks to all who offered kind or thought provoking sentiments in response to my last post; I'm still pondering these in particular.

The only "media" (if that's the appropriate term; maybe I should just say "non-blog") attention I've seen are these blurbs from I'm not very familiar with the publication but I'd encourage you to take its coverage and speculations with a boulder or two of salt. Gently put, the two pieces (the more recent of which is un-bylined) fail to bowl me over as superlative examples the journalist's art. They've botched my name ("Howells"), my position with the firm ("partner"), my notoriety as a blogger ("legendary" — quite an adjective for someone with modest traffic who has come about as close to hitting the Technorati Top 100 as my new Bahamian friend), and the nature of my blogging ("Her blogs have championed the interests of women and mothers in law firms...;" "Howells...has been a leading commentator on work-life balance in law firms" — ??? I've discussed "work-life balance" in exactly one post, mentioned being part time just twice before that, and am far more likely to be blogging about some arcane copyright issue only a technofetishist could love than donning gold llame cuffs and circlet as WonderLawerWoman). So, as always, read critically and skeptically. And, read blogs. I've seen some interesting discussion around my 7/15 post and thus far it has all been in that context.

There's just time for a time zone adjustment and a couple of loads of laundry before heading up to AlwaysOn. Hope to see you there.

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