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Friday, July 28, 2006

More Re Chinese Menus

Julie Fleming Brown has a thoughtful and incisive post on the work-life balance considerations discussed here recently. Read the whole thing, particularly the part beginning with:

It seems to me that when work/life balance is discussed, the conversation is very often preceded by an internal eye-rolling, a deep sigh, and the thought, 'here we go again, another lawyer who isn't willing to work hard and who just wants a free and easy ride to the good life.' I think that attitude sells everyone short — the lawyers, the firms, and the clients. . . .

Her bottom line:

I do not think work/life balance is just a fad, nor do I think it signals a decline in lawyer commitment to practice or to client service. I think it's a call for more transparency in practice expectations on the part of both lawyers and their law firms, and a call for lawyers to pay closer attention to what they want in their careers and in their lives.

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