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Friday, June 16, 2006

(End Of) Week Links

There's an incredible article in the May issue of Los Angeles Magazine that sounds like it could have been ghost-written by Steve Gillmor. (Who's also speaking at Gnomedex! Can't believe I have to miss this one.) The article is called "The iPod That Ate Hollywood," and though it's not online, it's well worth seeking out.

Big thanks to Robert Scoble for incidentally highlighting the existence of Beet.TV in the course of joining up with PodTech's John Furrier — a fellow I knew from the moment I met him would do big things. Beet.TV is providing the best and most in-depth, from-the-horses'-mouths coverage of all things Web video.

Speaking of all things Web video, Om and Niall's Online video revolution episode hones in on the emerging business models.

Finally, in the second episode of EFF's Line Noise, Fred von Lohmann cuts to the chase on the Section 115 Reform Act as only he can.

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