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Friday, May 05, 2006

San Francisco Vignette

Study in contrasts: Stopped at Sacramento and Sansome. (No scooting through a yellow in SF, unless you're a complete jerk, and one with a death wish to boot.) Crossing paths in the crosswalk — (1) homeless man wearing a boxy jacket of chartreuse felt, tied round the waist with a black cord, pushing an upright cart bearing his belongings in two cardboard boxes with the world's tiniest boombox perched atop, and (2) male financial district worker in shirtsleeves, loose tie, and slacks, pushing a tags-still-dangling new office chair in the precise chartreuse as the homeless man's boxy jacket.

(I suppose as a function of being in a suit-rich environment this week, I realized the contrast was made more complete by the worker's casual appearance than it would have been by a more buttoned up/buttoned down look.)

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