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Monday, May 22, 2006

Linked And Not Forgotten

Derek Powazek: "Where's the Apple Movie Store? Ask the MPAA."

Jeff Jarvis: "No single group sends me more email marked 'not for blogging' than reporters and editors at the New York Times." (Note to Jeff: could be you're not in regular contact with enough lawyers ;).)

Helen Gunnarsson: "Through the power of the Internet, attorney bloggers are expanding a community that's making the practice of law more effective and more enjoyable."

You probably already knew or guessed that Tom Mighell is extremely busy but still in control of the situation, has integrity and self-honesty (and doesn't fool himself into making commitments he cannot keep), and still has time to be cordial and polite, even to people who can't help him with his current workload. But you might not have known this comes through even in the way he blows someone off — and that this indubitably makes him a Lifehacker. (Compare John Palfrey's recent observance of the opposite sort of example.)

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