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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mothers' Day Mashup

Tyler, my son, has 7 grandmothers (honest: 3 living greats, my mom, my spouse's mom, and both our dads' second wives). So Mother's Day each year is something we try to think about early; it's insane to orchestrate at the last minute. I'm blogging my Digital Martha Stewart inspiration for 2006 because, of the 7, only 1 or 2 read my blog and very infrequently (this should slip right under the radar). I share it with you in case you're casting about for ideas, and because it wound up costing a little over $40.00 for the finished product — a pretty good deal for such a unique gift.

  1. Write or find a poem or text that conveys a message or theme. I'm going with Raising Boys: 24 Key Points To Ponder. (Which must be copyright someone — "an anonymous mother in Austin, TX?" — but finding them to request a license seems 1) impossible, and 2) overkill considering the noncommercial use.)
  2. Create a book in which you mix your own photos with Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr or elsewhere to illustrate the text. Many options are out there, even if you don't use a Mac: MyPublisher and Shutterfly to name a couple.
  3. Have a blast. You won't believe what you can find on Flickr to assist with something like this. My favorite newly discovered tags: ceiling fan; jello; marbles; flush.

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