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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Search, Post-Grokster

BitTorrent search engine TorrentSpy is seeking an early resolution of the secondary liability/MGM v. Grokster issues involved in a suit against it by the major studios. Defense counsel Ira Rothken's press release has more, and a link to a PDF of the motion. Mr. Rothken sums up thusly: "The MPAA is in essence trying to outlaw the dot torrent file format."

TorrentFreak: Torrentspy tells the MPAA to sue Google.

techdirt: TorrentSpy Says MPAA Can't Reinterpret The Supreme Court On File Sharing. [via Kevin Heller's news page]

(Related: our article Grokking Grokster: Staying Out of Court and In Business in the Wake of the Supreme Court's Ruling.)

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