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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mmmm, Pornography and Civil Procedure

I'll be John Wall's guest on The M Show this week, will update with the link once it's up.

[Update:] Here's part 1 of the show, and part 2.

[Update, 2/20:] The text of the introduction to Google's response to the DoJ motion (as well as a link to the full response, PDF) is available at the Google Blog. A primary point:

[T]he Government's presentation falls woefully short of demonstrating that the requested information will lead to admissible evidence. This burden is unquestionably the Government's. Rather than meet it, the Government concedes that Google's search queries and URLs are not evidence to be used at trial at all. Instead, the Government says, the data will be "useful" to its purported expert in developing some theory to support the Government's notion that a law banning materials that are harmful to minors on the Internet will be more effective than a technology filter in eliminating it.

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