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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hurricane Tyler, NOLA Bound?

Our two-year-old is demonstrably ready for Mardi Gras. How do I know this? Two things. First, he has taken to gleefully taking the Lord's name in vain at the slightest provocation (so, this must be something his other caregivers unthinkingly do...). "Oh my GAWD!!!" — inexplicably yet undeniably uttered with the most Linda-Richman-Coffee-Talk, un-low back vowell merged inflection. Nonstop. Everywhere.

The second, as you'll see, is the clincher. Today we were working our way toward a Sunday afternoon jacuzzi. Apparently I was moving at a pace that didn't meet with Tyler's approval (that, and/or our weaning issues could perhaps have been a contributing factor), so "TAKE OFF SHIRT!" is what I found myself commanded to do. Given the ease with and distance to which he already hurls all small, shiny objects that come his way, I feel sure he could master the bead tossing requirement in short order.

[Update, 2/20:] Oh, he is so ready for Bourbon Street! This morning he head-butted me into a shiner, first one I've had since I was his age!

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