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Friday, January 13, 2006

Recommendations For Forum On Communications Law Visitors

This morning I paid a (too brief) visit to the annual conference of the ABA's Forum on Communications Law, specifically for the panel called "Who Owns The News? Attempts by Sports Organizations and Entertainers to Control Coverage," featuring Dan Gillmor and others. (For a bit of context, see J. Craig Williams' recent topical post.) The panel was both interesting and informative, and I took some notes I'll try to blog over the weekend. But I wanted to put up this quick post for any of the conference's attendees who may drop by in the meantime (I contributed a related anecdote, and a good number of folks asked for Bag and Baggage's address), to point them toward the best two resources I know concerning the impact of disruptive technologies on the media and entertainment industries. The first is Dan Gillmor's book, We The Media. The second is JD Lasica's book, Darknet. Reading both would provide unbeatable background and insight on the topics the panel covered today.

This (pretty awful, sorry) photo was of course posted just as the panel was discussing efforts to control distribution of photos.

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