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Friday, December 02, 2005

Suitts Me

Halley Suitt has been among my top ten reads ever since she long ago first put blog to Internet, so it's really nice to be included in her Top Ten Sources roundup. I agree with Jeneane Sessum (another top-tenner for both Halley and me) that it's excellent company to be in and even more fun to experience some writers on Halley's list with whom I was not already familiar.

If you haven't ever settled in with Halley's Alpha Male series, you're seriously missing out. Deprive yourself no longer. And in the face of the ongoing proliferation of blogging conferences, symposia, books (both e- and traditional), consultancies, business plans, value propositions, etc., etc., Halley's post of November 29, Blogging Can Just Be Fun, strikes a true, solid chord.

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