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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ranking Somewhere Right Up There With Fourth Grade Book Reports

Howard Bashman has word of a new Ninth Circuit decision (PDF; specifically, Judge Kozinski's dissent) that promises to introduce the word "blawg" to the Westlaw and Lexis opinion databases. Writes Howard:

A reader has just emailed to note the following passage from Judge Kozinski's dissent:

>Throughout these lengthy proceedings, the judge has offered nothing at all
>to justify his actions--not a case, not a statute, not a bankruptcy treatise,
>not a law review article, not a student note, not even a blawg.

The passage appears on page 29 of the dissent, which is also page 36 of the PDF file. A quick Westlaw search indicates that, previously, no published opinion had ever used the term "blawg."

I think I'll just opt to be tickled that one of my favorite jurists has embraced one of my favorite neologisms, and not worry too much about the fact that had this list gone on it might have included yarn crafts before it got around to blawgs.

(Note too the sad fact that, as yet, no one has added Judge Roberts' Superhottie nominee status to his Wikipedia entry — whereas Judge Kozinski's '04 victory is proudly proclaimed. It is, of course, an honor just to be nominated.)

[Update:] After a day or so this poem insisted on being posted.

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