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Monday, September 05, 2005

Chiefs, Kings, And Lattes

Get on over to How Appealing for more links on Chief Justice Rehnquist and his potential successor than anyone really should be reading on a national holiday. (Creepiness offense: Wikipedia should not have "Died" dates for the Justices just waiting to be filled in.)

Co-contributor Tom Mighell at Between Lawyers has an interesting post about king-making. As I mentioned in the comments there, monitoring the posts at tag linklove (thanks, Mary) is a sure way to stay on top of some of the most informed and considered thinking on these sorts of issues. (For the time being, anyway; here're the search results for spam, and the astoundingly spam-clear tags for viagra and poker.)

'Round here, there's an undisputed new sheriff in town; he wears a hardhat, never charges a dime, and completes every job before sunset.

Finally, coffee titan Starbucks is doing two pretty amazing things these days: at-register Red Cross hurricane relief donations (a buck a latte has got to add up fast), and Ethos Water. All hail!

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