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Monday, August 08, 2005

In Loco Parentis

Bill Maher (from his new book, as plugged on this morning's Today Show; looks like a compilation of the New Rules segments from his show?):

"Get rid of the baby-changing station in the men's room. Let's stop pretending that it has been or ever will be used. You're only tempting a short homeless man to use it as a Murphy bed." (With apologies to my many — ok, four? — progressive and alpha male readers.)

Some corollaries:

  • Institutions of higher learning should award PhDs in the abstruse science of laundry management. Recipients to be designated "Sudsis Doctor."
  • What nitwit decided bribery should have a negative and/or corrupt connotation? All definitions of the word henceforth to be updated to "distraction therapy."

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