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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Link Omelette

When I make omelettes, everything in the fridge goes in the pan. The recipe for this post is from the same book.

  • Defamer on Grokster: "Stay tuned for the press release in which MPAA pirate hunter emeritus Jack Valenti compares file-swapping to the trading of molested children on the Russian black market."
  • According to NewsForge, Italian lawyers love open source. Add a more streamlined legal system to the unbeatable art, food, wine, scenery, music, etc., etc., etc., being enjoyed back in mother Italy. (Thanks, Steve!)
  • Spotted these pimped out golf carts in Palm Desert not long ago. But these take the cake.
  • David Pogue had a good segment on CBS News Sunday Morning today (a.k.a., the hands down, no contest, best network television program available at the moment) about young Web entrepreneurs, Blake Ross and several others. I don't see the story on the CBS site, but just noticed their Podcast and RSS pages.
  • If you're looking to get Locke-d and loaded lately — Ex marks the spot.

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