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Friday, July 08, 2005


It's only taken me 40 years to stumble upon my epitaph, but this morning one spoke to me with perfect clarity: "She never took enough pictures." Be that as it may, here are some from yesterday's gathering at the Alpine Inn. Many thanks to Tony Perkins and the teams at AlwaysOn and Technorati, for the extraordinary company and free-flowing burgers, beverages, and fries (the crispy-waffly kind even, mmmmm). I had to leave too early to catch a plane home, but as this was just a warm up for the upcoming Innovation Summit (here's the final line-up), I hope to pick up the threads later this month. Seemed like there were quite a few folks there who will be at BlogHer too, including Lisa Canter, with whom I had great fun discussing copyright law (she used to work at the Harry Fox agency, and is understandably fascinated by recent developments) and swapping podcast recommendations.

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