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Friday, July 22, 2005


I've got to hand it to Tony Perkins and his team at AlwaysOn, this conference was a hit (despite a bit of a weird start). Last year was good, this year positively grooved. If Gnomedex is Woodstock for geeks, this is the Playboy Jazz Festival's NorCal roadshow. Steve Gillmor nails it, and you can add passes and tables for press and bloggers alike, hiccup-less WiFi, and provocative programming to the list of things well done. Definitely take advantage of the archived video and chat (too bad the two aren't synched when they're re-played, some of the chat will make no sense if you can't tell what it's reacting to; something to work on for next year perhaps). Anyway, thanks to all for an intriguing good time!

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